What People Say

Many people view counseling as a way to deal with issues that are already in crisis mode. But counseling can also be extremely beneficial during times of change. And two people entering into a long term, committed relationship are indeed entering into a time of momentous change. Here are what former clients (and others) have to say:

"The thing that SAVED our marriage was learning about personality styles within the first year.  We were both working hard to make it work, but not 'talking to each other in the style that we each needed to hear'. Once we learned about personality styles, it helped us to understand that we are very different in what we need to hear". 

"Parenting is lifetime work. He did an amazing job of watching and learning, because he really wanted our marriage to work. I did an amazing job of giving him time to talk through what he was feeling, because I also really wanted our marriage to work. It really was an incredible joint effort".

"We've been happily married for 26 years. We've been through so much, and have grown much closer because of it. It's love, luck, fate, good sex, laughter, and space to be individuals as well as a couple. It's also genuinely liking the person you married and knowing that s/he is the best friend you have. And, looking back, it is the richness of sharing the experiences and history of your lives".

"We went to counseling before we were married and also during the first 2 years of marriage.  Marriage and people are dynamic, stress points come up and sometime you need help from a third party to work through old baggage you didn't know you had".

"A couple can 'manage finances'  but if the rug is totally pulled out from under a couple financially (as happened to us), there is no predicting how a spouse will ultimately react".

"I remember, when I got engaged, wondering how I would balance the excitement and thrill of planning the magical party with the importance and gravity of beginning a lifelong commitment. Going into couples counseling, even for just our brief four-session stint, has been a very grounding way for us to hold to our commitment to always be together".

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