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When most people think of seeing a Therapist/Counselor, they imagine visiting an office with a sofa, chairs, desk, etc. They may see themselves discussing issues of concern face to face with someone they can talk with freely and openly. Generally this office setting is within a half hour or less from where they live.

With the advent of webcams and other technologies where you can see people in real time as you talk with them (instead of just hearing them or texting them), you have access to an unlimited variety of therapeutic resources virtually anywhere in the world. If you have a computer with a webcam and a Skype account, you and I can have the same confidential consultations we might have in my office. It is convenient for you and your partner and appointments can be arranged during the week or on the weekend.


couple on laptop

As you probabably already know, Skype is a free software that allows you to have free calls, video conferencing and chat over the internet. If you have a computer, and an internet connection, you can download the Skype software and begin using it right away.

Skype counseling is a great alternative to face-to-face counseling. Many people now enjoy the convenience of working on themselves and getting support in their own homes or offices where they feel most comfortable.

I treat Skype sessions the same way I do face-to-face sessions. Even through long distance, I believe we still share a common space. I strive to create a safe environment in which we can explore issues together.

Skype Session Tips...

The following tips may be useful to make your sessions more effective:

*Please try to create a private space free of distractions. 

*It would be a good idea to have some paper and pens available.

* If you have phones with you or in the room, please turn them off or set them in silent mode.


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