Couples Counseling

"Success in marriage does not come  merely through finding the right  mate, but through being the right  mate...."


You've been together as a couple for one, two, five or more years. If you're like most couples, you've encountered some bumps in your relationship. Although your vows may have included "till death do us part", you may now realize that the two of you approach things differently and you don't necessarily have the tools to resolve those differences. Couples Counseling is designed to assist the two of you in examining the shortfalls in your relationship and acquiring the tools to increase communication skills, look at issues openly and honestly. and find common ground so that both of you feel listened to and appreciated. 

 How Does It Work?

Couples generally come for counseling when the relationship is in trouble and help is needed.
Perhaps you and your partner find yourselves frequently arguing and these arguments quickly escalate and remain unresolved.
Or your relationship feels stale, and because the two of you are busy leading separate lives, you don’t take the time to communicate how you’re feeling about things. Sometimes there are important issues such as money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children that have led to hurt feelings, disappointment and feelings of futility.

laptop Before our first session, I will ask you both to answer a few questions about yourselves and your relationship. This will form the backdrop for our first appointment. During the course of counseling, it may be beneficial to have one-on-one sessions from time to time as issues arise that may be pertinent to only one of you. [Please refer to the "Common Questions" tab on the Home page to learn more].


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